Banish food and drink cravings with EFT

You know the feeling. You’ve filled your shopping trolley with the healthy items on your list. You’ve nearly made it to the checkout when you pass the confectionery shelves and – inexplicably – your hand reaches out and grabs your favourite chocolate bar. Or you’ve had your evening meal, and are sitting down, satisfied, to watch TV. Did I say satisfied? A restless, gnawing feeling makes you head for the cupboard where you keep the crisps or tortilla chips. Or sweet treats. Perhaps you find yourself habitually pouring yourself a glass of wine or a cold beer each day, even though you know it’s not helping your waistline and you guiltily suspect you’re drinking more than you should.

Whether for reasons of weight management or general health and fitness, we often resolve to eat more healthily. However, the pull of certain sweet or savoury snacks can be almost overwhelming at times, with the cravings almost impossible to resist.

We often believe that we must battle against these cravings, using our will power to say no to the snacks we enjoy. This approach can result in a short period of “success” followed by a lapse which becomes a binge as we think, “Oh well, I’ve blown it now – I may as well eat the whole packet of biscuits.” Each time we lose the battle and give in to temptation, our belief in our ability to take control of our eating habits is damaged. This in turn dents our self-esteem and confidence in ourselves to achieve other goals we may have.

Luckily, there is a much easier way to change unhealthy eating patterns. EFT can work incredibly quickly and effectively to clear cravings for particular foods, often in a single session. The idea that simply tapping points on the face and hands can free us from food cravings may sound too good to be true!  However, EFT clears away the emotions we associate with certain foods, and also, as new research shows, literally changes our brain patterns around food. The result is that cravings often dissolve effortlessly.

Here’s what one of my clients wrote after working with me:

“I decided to address my ‘addiction’ to chocolate and crisps as I was eating both far too frequently. After one session on each I am now not in the least interested in either chocolate or crisps and this is months after the EFT.” K.C. 

Not all “food issues”respond to EFT so miraculously and quickly. Sometimes, deeper issues need to be addressed in order to see lasting changes. If you are drinking most evenings because you feel lonely and bored, or over-eating because food brings pleasure and comfort you are not getting in the rest of your life, then resolving these issues and making the necessary changes is your priority. EFT can clear old negative emotions and help you to find the courage to make the changes you really need to be happy – without turning to food or alcohol.

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Regaining control of your eating habits could be far easier than you think.

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