Special Festive Offer to beat Coronavirus blues


Are you looking forward to Christmas? Or are you, like many others right now, secretly battling underlying anxiety or covid-winter-blues that makes you feel less than festive? A group of leading health specialists recently warned in the British medical Journal that “the mental health impact of the pandemic is likely to last much longer than the physical health impact”.

Even those who consider themselves normally quite upbeat have found their mental health taking a hammering throughout the last few months of horrifying news headlines, dire economic warnings, and gloomy Brexit predictions. Many healthcare workers, as well as those who have been seriously ill with the virus, have been showing signs of PTSD from the unusually stressful and traumatic events they’ve experienced. Others have found that money worries, lockdown and social isolation have taken their toll, leading to problems with sleep, relationships. and even physical health – prolonged stress and anxiety have a direct impact on the immune system.

EFT tapping has been shown to be highly effective in reducing feelings of anxiety and depression, allowing us to feel ourselves again. EFT  helps to switch off the fight-or-flight response which kicks in when we are anxious, giving us that underlying feeling of being on red alert which makes it hard to switch off, relax and find enjoy ourselves.

When we are facing “real” problems, such as a global pandemic,  financial hardship, illness, or worry about vulnerable loved ones living in isolation, its easy to think there is nothing we can do. It’s reasonable to wonder what difference tapping could possibly if you have lost your income, your health or way of life. It’s true – tapping round acupuncture points on your body may not change your outer circumstances initially – or ever, in some situations. But there is a reason EFT has gained the nickname “emotional WD40”. As you tap round, clearing away negative emotions, it’s amazing how a hopeless, negative situation can transform into one with more movement and new options, opportunities and creative ideas.

You may still have concerns about the future. You may be home alone at New Year, instead of partying with your loved ones…but you may just find that you feel more optimistic, and enjoy it more, than you ever imagined possible.

Don’t take my word for it – why not try it for yourself? 2020 has been the year from hell for many, and I think you deserve a treat!

So, for the whole month of December, I am offering a fabulous festive deal to help you give yourself or a friend some emotional TLC  – two sessions for £65 rather than £100, meaning you save a whopping 35%.

Simply get in touch via facebook or via my website –  Book Appointment – EFT Borders quoting FestiveDeal. 





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