Learn to use EFT for common problems – FREE!

Want to learn what has been termed “the best self-help tool of the century”? I am excited to offer you a series of FREE EFT webinars, each of which will focus on a common problem, and introduce simple, effective techniques to help overcome it. You are welcome to join any or all of them, at Read more about Learn to use EFT for common problems – FREE![…]

Banish food and drink cravings with EFT

You know the feeling. You’ve filled your shopping trolley with the healthy items on your list. You’ve nearly made it to the checkout when you pass the confectionery shelves and – inexplicably – your hand reaches out and grabs your favourite chocolate bar. Or you’ve had your evening meal, and are sitting down, satisfied, to Read more about Banish food and drink cravings with EFT[…]

Healing and Inner One-ness

Over the years, I have realised that the essence of the work I do with clients using EFT can be distilled into a simple concept: One-ness. What do I mean by this? When people come to me for EFT, they are usually seeking help in dealing with negative feelings or negative patterns of behaviour that they Read more about Healing and Inner One-ness[…]