EFT for a happier life

Consider the different areas in your life – work, relationships, family, personal time, money, creativity, spirituality, health. When you think about each one, do you have a positive, satisfied feeling? Or do anxieties and doubts arise? Do you try to avoid thinking about certain areas where things are not going as you would like them Read more about EFT for a happier life[…]

Feeling stuck? Try EFT – it’s like WD40 for emotions

One thing I love about EFT is the way it can help move us from feeling utterly stuck, to a feeling of hope and realisation that we have choices and opportunities for movement and change. Life is tough at times: we may find ourselves in insurmountable situations, experience devastating loss or life changing illnesses. It’s Read more about Feeling stuck? Try EFT – it’s like WD40 for emotions[…]

EFT – beautifully simple, jaw-droppingly effective

It’s funny how we humans are so good at forgetting the simple, obvious things in life, and getting wrapped up in complicated stuff. When I discovered EFT, I was amazed at how simply tapping on a few points on the body could result in profound changes, on an emotional and physical level. I used it Read more about EFT – beautifully simple, jaw-droppingly effective[…]

Healing and Inner One-ness

Over the years, I have realised that the essence of the work I do with clients using EFT can be distilled into a simple concept: One-ness. What do I mean by this? When people come to me for EFT, they are usually seeking help in dealing with negative feelings or negative patterns of behaviour that they Read more about Healing and Inner One-ness[…]

Tapping Through Your Own Glass Ceiling – Using EFT to go beyond your personal limits

What kind of person are you? Most people, asked to describe themselves, will have a set of beliefs about themselves – hopeless at maths, good at sport, shy, sensitive, ambitious, sociable, tone deaf, arty or whatever. These beliefs are generally based on early experiences and what we were told by parents and teachers or encouraged Read more about Tapping Through Your Own Glass Ceiling – Using EFT to go beyond your personal limits[…]

Improve Your Health with EFT

We all have behavioural patterns and habits – that’s just human nature. Perhaps we always buy chocolate when we’re stressed out, or we bite our nails, or our normally sharp mind goes blank if we have to speak in public, at a wedding or work presentation, say. Although we might see these habits or patterns Read more about Improve Your Health with EFT[…]

Everyone wants to be healthy…don’t they??…

Everyone wants to be healthy…don’t they??… Most people who suffer from a long-term health complaint would have no hesitation in saying that they wish they were well again. After all, who wants to have unpleasant or painful symptoms and the inconvenience that illness can bring? It seems like a no-brainer. However, being ill can bring Read more about Everyone wants to be healthy…don’t they??…[…]

EFT – The Ideal Aid to the Law of Attraction

EFT and the Law of Attraction The Law of Attraction states that to change our lives, we need to change our thoughts and the feelings we project onto the world around us. The trouble is, thinking shiny new thoughts and feeling positive emotions about something we are stuck in a negative rut about is not Read more about EFT – The Ideal Aid to the Law of Attraction[…]