EFT for a happier life

Consider the different areas in your life – work, relationships, family, personal time, money, creativity, spirituality, health. When you think about each one, do you have a positive, satisfied feeling? Or do anxieties and doubts arise? Do you try to avoid thinking about certain areas where things are not going as you would like them Read more about EFT for a happier life[…]

Banish food and drink cravings with EFT

You know the feeling. You’ve filled your shopping trolley with the healthy items on your list. You’ve nearly made it to the checkout when you pass the confectionery shelves and – inexplicably – your hand reaches out and grabs your favourite chocolate bar. Or you’ve had your evening meal, and are sitting down, satisfied, to Read more about Banish food and drink cravings with EFT[…]

Feeling stuck? Try EFT – it’s like WD40 for emotions

One thing I love about EFT is the way it can help move us from feeling utterly stuck, to a feeling of hope and realisation that we have choices and opportunities for movement and change. Life is tough at times: we may find ourselves in insurmountable situations, experience devastating loss or life changing illnesses. It’s Read more about Feeling stuck? Try EFT – it’s like WD40 for emotions[…]