EFT – beautifully simple, jaw-droppingly effective

It’s funny how we humans are so good at forgetting the simple, obvious things in life, and getting wrapped up in complicated stuff.

When I discovered EFT, I was amazed at how simply tapping on a few points on the body could result in profound changes, on an emotional and physical level. I used it on everything, from negative emotional states to back-ache, and was impressed at the results. Soon, I discovered that by going deeper, tapping on issues that were often hidden from the conscious mind, huge breakthroughs could be made in chronic, long term health issues – mine included!

For many years now I have worked with clients with a range of complex and chronic issues, enjoying helping them to get to the root of the issues that have been blocking their health and emotional fulfilment. In the process, I forgot that with EFT, we don’t always have to look for deep complex issues to get astonishing results!

Last weekend, I attended an EFT conference in Manchester. As an introduction to what EFT can do, the first presenter invited us to raise one arm to the ceiling, and mentally mark how far back we could stretch it before we felt tightness or discomfort. We then did a couple of minutes of elementary EFT, describing what we had done with our arm whilst tapping on standard EFT points. We didn’t delve into childhood trauma, self-sabotage or anything complicated. We merely described what we had done, tapped some EFT points, and then raised our arm again. To my utter amazement, my shoulder was now so much more flexible that I could stretch my arm back a further 5-6 inches.

As it happens, I have had a problem in my shoulder for years, which has recently grown from a slight tightness and restriction of movement to a nagging pain at night that can disturb my sleep. I have seen a physiotherapist, changed my pillow and changed my “tapping arm” to the other side, all of which made only a slight improvement. Rather embarrassingly for an EFT practitioner, I had never thought to do EFT on myself for it, seeing it as simply a “mechanical” problem. I had almost resigned myself to having a permanent shoulder issue.

Yet, with only a couple of minutes of EFT, I have regained more flexibility than I have had in that shoulder for years. The pain has disappeared. I did this without looking into any “deeper” issues whatsoever.

While sometimes we do need to delve a little deeper to look for the limiting beliefs and thoughts that hold us back in life, often we just need to tap, quite simply, on what we see and feel to dissolve a pattern or problem.

EFT works! And it can be jaw-droppingly effective, when we least expect it.

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