EFT Gathering 2013


Five years ago, EFT Master Gwyneth Moss had the idea to cheer up January by getting EFT Practitioners all over Britain to come together for a weekend, sharing tips and inspiration. It was a great success – and now people come not only from the UK but from all over the world to hear expert EFT practitioners give presentations on different ways that they are using EFT in their practices. I’ve just come back from the January 2013 EFT Gathering in York and thought I’d share some of the exciting and inspiring things I learned with you.

EFT for Guilt and Self-Sabotage
On Saturday, Gwyneth gave a talk about how secret guilt fuels self-punishment and self-sabotage in our lives. Whereas punishments handed out by a court of law tend to be finite, we humans are quite capable of punishing ourselves indefinitely, in a way that can be out of all proportion to whatever it is that we are feeling guilty about. If you seem to keep missing out on the enjoyable things in life, fail to achieve your goals or never get a pay rise, it’s worth exploring any feelings of guilt and unworthiness you may have. EFT is a wonderful tool to use for this as it is possible to tap away any intense and uncomfortable emotions without having to reveal everything to the EFT practitioner. Gwyneth talked about using protective distancing by imagining the whole issue being placed in a box to prevent client overwhelm and allow the client to keep matters private if they wish. In this way even intense memories and feelings of guilt can be cleared – and with them, the need to keep punishing and sabotaging ourselves.

EFT for Chronic Pain
Another fascinating talk was by Abigail Tearse, an EFT practitioner whose pelvis was shattered in a road accident. Botched surgery made matters worse, and Abigail seemed to be facing a lifetime of agony and painkillers – until she began to use EFT for her pain. She had lots of useful insights to share about using EFT for chronic pain. These included the realisation of how “ghost pain” – memories of pain experienced on a previous occasion, or worries about possible pain in the future – added considerably to the amount of pain she felt in the present. Using EFT to clear the memories and worries about the future in itself reduced her pain levels considerably. She also found that her own attitude – a pushing, “I can get rid of this pain”, “nothing is going to stop me from living my life” sort of approach was unhelpful too in that it made her ignore her own body’s signals and actually made matters worse for her. Tapping on her feelings of fear about the future, impatience and so on enabled her to let go and relax – and that also eased her pain. Today Abigail has gone from spending most of her time in bed or in a wheelchair to leading an active, fulfilling life – on her own two feet.

How the Medical Profession See EFT
Two different doctors gave talks: Dr Johannes Bircher from Switzerland described the new model of health he has been working on, and discussed how EFT can help improve our physical health, and Dr Susie Foster, a British GP, discussed how effective she finds EFT to be for treating depression and anxiety without resorting to drugs and psychiatric treatment. Dr Foster now has the other doctors in her surgery referring patients with mental health problems to her because of her success rates. Susie accepted that the time limitations on GPs mean that she can’t help as much as she would like to. She looks forward to the time when EFT is fully accepted by the NHS so that doctors can refer patients suffering depression and anxiety to EFT practitioners as a matter of course.

EFT For Tragedy
Ruth Ablett experienced the tragedy of losing her husband and son in a car accident. Now she uses EFT to help other families cope with still birth, infant cot death, and sudden bereavement due to other events like homicide and suicide. She has pioneered a form of therapy using life-like baby dolls with EFT which is known as Cuddle Therapy Care (CTC) and is using this not only with bereaved families who have lost a baby but also older people suffering from alzheimers. Ruth says that EFT not only helped her survive her own tragedy but gives her the ability to help hundreds of other similarly affected people without becoming overwhelmed. She even helps the emergency services, giving EFT to police and ambulance staff. Truly an amazing woman.

EFT to Find our Soul Purpose
Helen Walker, Scottish EFT practitioner and trainer, says that our ability to recognise and understand the source of our deepest core issues is actually the key to liberating the fullest expression of our soul. Based on the 9 personality types described in the Enneagram, she outlined a simple introductory route to finding and addressing core issues quickly and effectively and keeping specific events ‘manageable’ so that the EFT work is as thorough as possible.

EFT for Animals
Heather Smiles uses EFT mainly for animals, and horses are her speciality. She gave a very interesting and entertaining presentation on using surrogate EFT for Equine PTSD. She explained that when horses panic or become violent it is not about what is happening now but about what happened years ago. Intentional cruelty is rare but ill treatment through out-dated practices, or simple ignorance, is commonplace. It was amazing to hear stories about horses whose behaviour changed beyond recognition after having traumatic memories and negative emotions cleared using EFT.

If you are interested in finding out more about anything mentioned above, or about how EFT could help you, get in touch with me here at EFTBorders.

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