EFT – The Ideal Aid to the Law of Attraction

EFT and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that to change our lives, we need to change our thoughts and the feelings we project onto the world around us. The trouble is, thinking shiny new thoughts and feeling positive emotions about something we are stuck in a negative rut about is not easy. If we have had a string of terrible or abusive relationships that ended badly, then suddenly adopting the mindset that we are a loveable person and that there is a wonderful partner out there just waiting to be drawn towards us can seem like a bad joke. Similarly, when I was on the loo 20 times a day, weak and in pain, envisioning myself as radiantly healthy and free from Crohn’s Disease was difficult, to say the least. Even if we succeed in forcing ourselves into a positive frame of mind and visualising success in our chosen area, there is another problem. We may direct our minds consciously, but subconsciously, the same old negative movies can be running – the same old reels of negative beliefs can be a background “noise” we are not even aware of. Without clearing these away, I believe that it is almost impossible to create a new, clear lens to look through. In other words our positive affirmations of success are merely overlaid on top of a much bigger body of the beliefs and emotions that have kept us stuck where we are in the first place. This can have an effect, but in my experience it can be an uphill struggle where progress is slow and setbacks are all too frequent as we keep reinforcing the old patterns without even realising that we are doing it.

How EFT helps us transform our lives
Although it is still not entirely clear how this amazing therapy works so well, it is thought that EFT clears energy imbalances in the system. It helps to free us from any pattern we may be stuck in, be it emotional or physical. It has proved to be incredibly effective at helping people heal the effects of past traumatic events, phobias, fears and other emotional problems. As negative emotions and beliefs are cleared away, there can be a huge impact on our physical health. There are thousands of documented cases of people transforming their lives with EFT as they heal both physical and emotional issues. When I first tried EFT, I found to my surprise that my blood test results showed lower levels of inflammation after I had had a session of EFT. Simply tapping on my everyday issues and feelings was having a beneficial effect on my immune system.

However, as I trained in EFT and had more sessions myself, I realised that EFT had the potential to work at an even more profound level. By delving into the past, and undoing patterns set up during childhood or created by traumatic or painful events in our lives, EFT begins to change the person from the inside out. What we expect from life, how we relate to people, how we view ourselves and the world all stem from our past experiences. We gather data from birth, and build up our world picture based on that. It is as though each of us looks out on life through a different lens, each thinking “This is how it IS” – not realising how different other people’s lenses are.

With EFT, you can change your lens completely, enabling us to see life, ourselves and other people differently and clearly. With this new vision and insight, new possibilities for our lives start to emerge. We begin to make different choices for ourselves about how we expect to be treated, what we really want from life, and what we are capable of. And as our beliefs and expectations change… our lives change too.

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