Feeling stuck? Try EFT – it’s like WD40 for emotions

One thing I love about EFT is the way it can help move us from feeling utterly stuck, to a feeling of hope and realisation that we have choices and opportunities for movement and change.

Life is tough at times: we may find ourselves in insurmountable situations, experience devastating loss or life changing illnesses. It’s easy to tell ourselves that there’s nothing we can do but live with the painful or difficult circumstances. Our lives seem to shrink at these times, and our choices seem limited.

Enter the magic of EFT. It’s almost impossible to imagine that simply tapping on various points, whilst talking or thinking about your problem, could change things for the better. And yet this has been my experience, and that of my clients, time and time again. Our “outer layer” of feelings and thoughts seems to create a lens through which we see our situation. As EFT tapping clears away those emotions and beliefs, and the old lens dissolves with it, and we see things differently. Suddenly, new possibilities and perspectives exist. It can feel quite miraculous.

Over a few sessions, more layers are dissolved, and as negative emotions and old viewpoints melt away, obstacles that seemed insurmountable often melt away too. Its for this reason that EFT is often described as emotional WD40 – a little application of tapping gets everything moving again! Even one session of EFT can sometimes bring about a profound change in how we feel, emotionally and physically.

You may be thinking “That might work for some people. But I have a real problem and tapping won’t change that!” It’s hard to imagine how EFT can help if you have lost your job and can’t pay your bills, are recently bereaved, diagnosed with a serious illness, or locked in a negative relationship with a spouse or family member who refuses to change.  EFT can’t change what has happened. But by clearing away our negative feelings about the situation and changing the lens through which we’ve been looking at it, thing can begin to look and feel very different, and new solutions to our problems may appear.

You may have had therapy in the past and spent time exploring and analysing your situation already. However, EFT differs from talking therapies, in that the process of tapping particular points on the body actually clears blocks and changes you inwardly as you go through a session – without you even having to try!

EFT is something which needs to be experienced to be fully understood. I know trying something new can feel like a risk. To help you to see what EFT can do for you, I am offering a discount to new clients. For the rest of the month of June only, you can book a session with me for the special price of £30 rather than the usual £45.

Email me on sarah@eftborders.co.uk to arrange a chat or book an appointment, or see www.eftborders.co.uk for more info and testimonials.

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