7th February 2017


Along with EFT, one of the main tools that has helped me transform my life and my health has been my daily meditation practice.

Heartfulness Meditation, which I found in 1995, has benefited me in more ways than I could describe – from helping me to relax and sleep better, to becoming more self-aware, and this in turn has enabled me identify, and release, old emotional and mental baggage that was holding me back.

Meditating has helped me to become more deeply centered and connected with my deepest Self and this has brought me peace, confidence and emotional healing – which I also believe has benefited my physical health hugely.

The benefits of this simple meditation based on the Heart have been so profound and healing for me that I have gone on to become a certified trainer of Heartfulness Meditation for others who wish to experience its benefits. Many of my clients find that through learning to meditate, they become more calm, centered and self aware, which in turn helps them navigate through life’s challenges more smoothly towards achieving their goals.

Heartfulness Meditation is free to learn and practice. Please see heartfulness-uk.org for more information or contact me directly.