22nd April 2010

My Story – EFT transformed my health – and my life

When I was 16, I was diagnosed with an inflammatory bowel disorder called Crohn’s disease. For years I was in and out of hospital, and my quality of life was poor as I spent so much time ill in bed, or simply feeling exhausted due to diarrhoea and weight loss. In addition, I had to undergo several operations to remove sections of my gut which had become too scarred and narrowed to function. Initially I went down the conventional road, taking prescription drugs and struggling with the side effects they produced in my body. I was told that there was no cure for Crohn’s disease, and that most people with Crohn’s would have repeated surgery throughout their lives. Emotionally, I felt anxious and depressed. I never seemed to move forward in life as I was too busy battling my poor health, and seemed to achieve nothing.

Despite being told that flare-ups of Crohn’s were “random” and that there was nothing I could do to prevent them apart from taking the powerful immuno-suppressant drugs I was prescribed, I soon began to suspect that this was not the true picture. I observed that my health tended to improve when I was relaxed, happy and feeling good about things, and to deteriorate when I was overdoing things and feeling stressed or unhappy. I have been meditating for years and I as I became calmer and less prone to worry, my health improved. I also experimented with my diet and realized that avoiding certain foods really improved my health.

However, managing my health was still a full-time occupation. I would only be well for a short time before I would plummet downwards again, and eventually my hospital consultant recommended a powerful drug which works well for some people with Crohn’s– but may also cause devastating side-effects, including tumours. I refused, and at this point, luckily for me, I discovered EFT.

I went along for my first EFT session feeling highly anxious and depressed due to the limitations my illness put on me – I struggled hugely to look after my children, to enjoy time with my husband, to eat solid food or lead any sort of normal family life. Even travelling to my EFT appointment had been nightmarish because I constantly needed to go to the toilet. To my amazement, my anxious and depressed feelings evaporated during my first session, leaving me much more cheerful and positive. After a few sessions I noticed that my blood results, (tested often to show inflammation levels) were healthier. Although I have no way of proving  that EFT caused this improvement, I believe that tapping on day to day anxieties and clearing stress and negative emotions I was carrying had a beneficial effect on my immune system. Indeed, studies have shown that existing in a state of prolonged stress or “fight or flight” does have a harmful, inflammatory effect on the body.

I decided to study to become an EFT practitioner. I began to tap not only on present day anxieties, but also on past hurts and stresses, issues which still bothered me and traumatic events of my childhood. I tapped, too, on my feelings about my health, and benefits I was actually getting from being ill, such as time to myself, and an excuse to avoid things I didn’t want to do. I began to feel increasingly calm and positive, more perceptive about my own feelings and motives and those of people around me, and free of baggage and issues that had weighed me down for years. Without noticing, feelings of serenity, confidence and optimism had replaced the habitual anxiety and periods of depression I had lived with for years. As I did this, my physical health began to change. Gradually, I became a healthier weight for my height, and my symptoms began to lessen. The improvement was effortless – instead of struggling to be well, it was happening naturally as I cleared away old emotional patterns, negative ways of thinking and energy blocks.

As my health and emotional state improved, my life began to move forward. Am I 100% symptom free? No – I can still develop symptoms from time to time if I fail to take care of myself with enough rest and good food, or if I let emotional stress or problems build up without addressing them. However, I can truly say that I now enjoy a level of good health, energy and well-being that I once thought impossible for me. I live a rich and fulfilling life,  filled with enjoyment, appreciation for all my blessings and a passion for what I do. I enjoy travel, kayaking and fun with my family. I have I have a busy EFT practice and it is a joy for me to see my clients move through emotional and physical limitations towards health and happiness.

EFT has helped thousands of people to live happier, healthier lives. It could change your life, too.

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