Improve Your Health with EFT

We all have behavioural patterns and habits – that’s just human nature. Perhaps we always buy chocolate when we’re stressed out, or we bite our nails, or our normally sharp mind goes blank if we have to speak in public, at a wedding or work presentation, say. Although we might see these habits or patterns as just part of who we are, most of us know that these habits can be changed with a bit of effort (or EFT!). However, we can also have physical patterns which affect our health. Many of us have experienced repeated symptoms in our body triggered by different events, for example allergic reactions or reacting badly to certain foods, habitually coming down with a cold after a period of stress, getting a headache or “pain in the neck” when we have been with someone whose presence irritates us, and so on. Patterns which manifest on the physical level often seem to be outwith our control, but EFT can be amazingly effective for physical as well as emotional conditions.

I used to always become unwell in December. I never enjoyed the run up to Christmas, feeling rushed and under pressure to buy the perfect presents for everyone and create a magical Christmas for my children. By the time Christmas came I would be worn out, run down and usually ill with some virus. A few years ago I decided to see if EFT could change things. Tapping cleared this pattern in under an hour! Since then, I have been able to enjoy the whole run-up to Christmas, “magically” finding time to enjoy festive socialising as well as doing Christmassy things with my children like baking Christmas cookies…and still be healthy and well to enjoy Christmas day itself.

With this in mind, I recently decided to address another physical pattern of mine using EFT. As some of you will already know, I had years of being very ill with Crohn’s Disease before natural techniques like EFT helped me to transform my health for the better. Although I have been well for a few years now, I still had some problems that I thought were impossible to change. In the past, my intestine was so damaged by the disease that I had several operations to remove large parts of it, leaving me with a much shorter gut than normal. This means that food tends to whizz through at a faster speed than usual…which, not to put too fine a point on it, means that finding loos at short notice has been a feature of my life! As you might imagine, this has been an issue when out and about and on holidays in particular, when different food and drinks are also on the menu. We had planned a family trip to Portugal for the Easter break, and I decided for the first time to see if the techniques that had worked so well for other negative patterns could do anything for this “holiday loo nightmare” pattern!

Using the combination of EFT with visualisation that I find so effective for chronic conditions with clients, I gave myself 2 one-hour sessions before the holiday, a week apart. I could hardly believe the result. I had a carefree week of sunning myself on the beach, long relaxed walks and tucking into local delicacies – and not once were toilets an issue!! In fact, I found on my return that I had even gained some weight – previously unheard of for me when on holiday. And this despite the fact that my gut remains as short as ever!

I wanted to share this with you because so often I see clients who are open to the possibility of change in some areas of their lives, but see other areas as set in stone. This is particularly true of health issues, where there can be a belief that certain physical conditions are incurable or only able to be managed by medication rather than healed or improved naturally. By clearing energy blocks and patterns we hold in our systems, EFT can bring about change in areas we never expected were possible, both emotionally and physically.

So next time you find yourself thinking “I just have to live with this” or “That’s just me”, why not allow yourself the possibility of being surprised and delighted by your body’s amazing ability to change? Try tapping on it!

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