Learn to use EFT for common problems – FREE!

Want to learn what has been termed “the best self-help tool of the century”?

I am excited to offer you a series of FREE EFT webinars, each of which will focus on a common problem, and introduce simple, effective techniques to help overcome it. You are welcome to join any or all of them, at no cost whatsoever! You’ll have the option to share and ask me questions, or just to listen in anonymously if you’d prefer. Simply email me on sarah@eftborders.co.uk to let me know which webinar(s) you’d like to attend, and I will send you the link you’ll need to join each webinar before it takes place.

Overcoming Anxiety
Monday 11th November 2019  – 8pm GMT

Does anxiety get in your way and prevent you living your life the way you want to? Are you tired of feeling on “red alert” and living with the physical symptoms of anxiety? This webinar will give you simple tools and methods to reduce your anxiety levels and start feeling yourself again.

Overcoming Food Cravings         
Monday 18th November 2019  – 8pm GMT

Do you plan to eat healthily but find certain foods too hard to resist? Learn a simple and highly effective technique to clear specific food cravings and “emotional eating” and start a co-operative “partnership” where you and your body support each other instead of battling!

Achieving Your Goals
Monday 2nd December 2019  – 8pm GMT

Do you have a dream or a goal that you just can’t seem to manifest in your life? It could be better health, a more satisfying job, more money, a happy loving relationship, or something else specific.
in this webinar you’ll learn to clear old limiting beliefs about who you are and what you can and can’t have in your life.

Please note: the EFT techniques used in these webinars help clear negative emotions and old thought and behavioural patterns.  In the process, you may connect with the underlying reasons for your current issues.  Although EFT techniques are safe and positive for most people to use, occasionally, EFT can bring up old emotions and you may need extra support.

if you have a history of past trauma or abuse, I recommend that you seek support in the form of 1-1 sessions with myself or another qualified EFT practitioner rather than working alone or solely by webinar. Similarly, if you are now experiencing, or have in the past experienced, suicidal feelings or psychotic episodes, I suggest you consult your doctor before joining these webinars.

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