26th April 2010


I’m a natural cynic. While I have known Sarah socially for a few years, I didn’t really consider asking her for help with my excruciating physical pain. But one day I did – and changed my life.
I broke my pelvis 11 years ago and suffered horrible pain ever since, bringing depression and isolation. Sarah’s therapy worked a miracle – in one session the pain was gone, and has not returned! I had a second session in which we agreed to tackle my lifelong craving for sweets and chocolate – again, haven’t looked at them since. My confidence has grown and I applied for (and got) a new job which I would not have been able to do when I was in constant pain.
I can’t recommend Sarah and EFT highly enough. And it’s so easy, I felt safe and comfortable talking to her, and am now boring everyone I know about the benefits of this technique! – LC


I booked a session with Sarah following the passing of my mother when, having been her carer for many years, I found myself in the process of reinventing my life and wanting to go forward having healed any ties to the past that may have otherwise held me back. I was particularly keen to connect more deeply to my creativity, something there had been little time or energy for whilst caring for my lovely mother. The results I achieved by working with Sarah have been life changing and more than I could have imagined. She has such a kind and empathic energy that I trusted her immediately, sharing with her some of my most painful childhood memories which we used EFT to explore and then heal, in the wonderfully gentle yet powerful way that this therapy has. I feel lighter, more confident and much more accepting of and at peace with myself. I have also been painting vibrant, colourful, abstract paintings with an enjoyment and abandon that I didn’t know I was capable of. I am so grateful to Sarah for all her support and would recommend her to anyone looking to heal anything in their life that may be holding them back from being who they truly are and achieving all they are capable of. – SB


When I first spoke to Sarah I was gravely ill and in extreme and prolonged pain. Due to a stricture and inflamed ileum I was hardly able to eat and mal-nourished. Over a period of two years Sarah guided me on a great adventure of healing and self love where today I am free from pain, stronger and healthier than I have been in twenty years. She helped me to reach deep into my own resources for healing. Teaching me the power of my imagination and the wisdom of my heart I was led towards self acceptance and a healthy path which seems to unfold beneath my feet towards the life I want. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to discover their own powers of healing whether inside or outside conventional medicine. I am deeply grateful that I found her. – JB


I’ve been astonished at how this simple technique in Sarah’s expert hands can work wonders with long-standing fears. Sarah’s skill and tact make the whole experience pleasurable as well as effective and I can recommend her unreservedly to anyone who is looking for a safe and practical way to heal. – JR-P


Sarah has so much experience she is able to tailor your appointment specifically to address whatever is required. Appointments with Sarah are always uplifting and never boring – I can honestly say I’ve never had the same appointment twice. Unlike other therapies you are not left pondering your troubles for a week before the next appointment – Sarah helps you get to the bottom of things and deal with them before you leave the wonderfully calm and positive space that is her treatment room. – DB


I can hardly find words to thank you enough for helping me to move forward with EFT. I am so grateful for the love and care you put into finding the invisible barriers that were holding me back. So here I am feeling positive and eager to start a new, exciting and abundant phase of my life. I am forever grateful. – M.E.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and I can recommend no better guide with whom to share your journey than Sarah. I am so thankful to have discovered both Sarah and EFT – they make a very special combination, a partnership so powerful, so magical, it can work wonders. With Sarah’s expert guidance I have made peace with my past in a way I never imagined possible. I have moved mountains. My depression and anxiety no longer control me. Not only have I reclaimed my life, but I am full of hope, joy and possibility for the future. I am blessed. – DM


My friend recommended Sarah to me when I was going through a very traumatic time in my life. I didn’t know much about EFT at the time but decided to give it a go. It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. I felt a connection with Sarah from the start and trusted her completely – because of her very non judgemental manner she made me feel very relaxed and safe and for the first time in my life I was able to open up and work on some very sensitive and traumatic issues from my past. I have found every EFT session I have had with Sarah an incredible experience and because of the complex issues I have been dealing with I have had a few sessions, but after every one we manage to clear another bit of the trauma and I have experienced some very positive changes. It really has been the most amazing process. Sarah and EFT have helped me get my life back, she is the most caring, compassionate and sincere person I know and I would strongly recommend her as an EFT therapist. – GA


After just one session of this lovely and simple therapy I instantly began to look at an issue that had been bothering me for months in a totally different way. EFT somehow gives you the power to begin to heal yourself without making you feel you have a mountain to climb – Sarah is a gentle and considerate practitioner with enormous insight into her clients. – JT


Having had a little experience of EFT years ago and believing in its potential for change, I booked some sessions with Sarah. Initially I wanted to deal with some difficulties I was experiencing at work and very soon found that I was much more able to face things with a greater level of confidence. Consequently I decided to address my ‘addiction’ to chocolate and crisps as I was eating both far too frequently. After one session on each I am now not in the least interested in either chocolate or crisps and this is months after the EFT. Sarah has real skill and integrity and I would recommend her EFT treatment to anyone who feels stuck with something they are not happy with, because change is possible. – KC


I had a consultation with Sarah when I was feeling sick with anxiety about some dental work I needed to have done. She enabled me to voice my fears and with positive affirmations focus on how I would like to feel during this treatment. To my amazement I managed to have all my treatment as we had discussed and tapped. I remained calm and relaxed and allowed the dentist to do the work he was trained to do. I listened to music and thought about being in my favourite place! Sarah is an empathetic and caring therapist. EFT was very effective as a treatment and I would certainly contact Sarah again if there were other issues I would like to tackle.  – BG


I came with what I thought was a huge and overwhelming problem – something that has made the last 2 years of my life a misery. I couldn’t believe that 45 minutes of tapping made me see the whole thing so differently. I couldn’t even seem to find the emotions I had been filled with before. All the resentment and bitterness is gone and I feel I am free to get on with enjoying my life again. Thank you Sarah – JM


I had horrid feelings when I was in my bed on my own and I didn’t want to sleep in my bed at night because I kept thinking vampires and werewolves were rushing up the stairs and scaly hands were reaching out. When Mummy does tapping with me and I tap on Magic Bear too the feelings get smaller and go away and if the feelings come I can just ignore them and I can sleep in my bed now – Ben Naylor aged 4


I have got so much from my sessions with Sarah; her warmth and positivity are themselves a guidance. She is insightful and intuitive, and I feel I am in good hands. – ED


Since working with you, I realise that we live the way we think we have to without ever realising it – just like accepting a constant physical pain that we think we can never get rid of, after a while you forget what it was like not to have it. I now feel like someone who has always been colour blind, gradually being able to see colour again.
Also there is a sense of having been looking into a pool that appears clear until you give it a bit of a stir with a stick or throw in a stone and all sorts of muck comes up!
Particularly since last time, I seem to have entirely stopped fantasising about anything – good or bad – which is an amazing thing and a way I can say I have never felt.  For some reason I feel entirely in the present – it is a way I have always known we need to live but have never achieved it. I can only think it is because I am no longer harbouring fears or feelings that I didn’t really even know I had. I think this is why it is such an important therapy – this notion that EFT can clear things when you don’t even know what is eating away at you. – JT